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Item # 710 Francis Coppola Diamond Collection $125
Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection velvety cabernet with black cherry and spice flavors, bright Monterey County chardonnay with pear and cantaloupe flavors, and a vibrant merlot with blueberry and raspberry flavors are brought together for this exclusive gift. Rosemary & olive oil crackers, J&M japapeno cheese straws, sourdough wine bites, cinnamon roasted mixed nuts, smoked gouda cheese spread, brownie brittle chocolate chip, a wine stopper and more accompany these three wines. Gift Size: 18" x 8" x 14" - Item 710

Item # 714 Robert Mondavi Cellar Selection $99.95
Four Robert Mondavi Private Selection wines and an abundance of food are packaged in this gourmet wine and cheese basket: rich cabernet sauvignon, creamy chardonnay with citrus and melon flavors, supple merlot and vibrant pinot noir with silky strawberry and cherry flavors, blue cheese twists, sea salt olive oil crackers, Godiva milk chocolate pretzel, cheese straws, toffee almonds, garlic herb cheese spread, Ghirardelli milk chocolate with sea salt and almonds, sourdough wine bites and much more. A festive ribbon completes this grand assortment. Gift Size: 19" x 9" x 14" - Item 714

Item # 729 Houdini Napa Valley Cabernet $110
Award-winning Houdini Napa Valley Rutherford cabernet sauvignon from the certified organic Garvey Family Vineyard is available for a limited time; only 27 barrels were produced. Complementary items include Lily O'Brien's chocolate truffles, toffee almonds, honey mustard pretzels nuggets, smoked salmon, garlic herb cheese spread, gouda biscuits, French truffles, rosemary olive oil crackers, white chocolate macadamia cookies, Nonni's biscotti, Godiva milk chocolate truffles, brownie cookies, onion dip mix, wafer cookies and a wine stopper. Gift Size: 17" x 7" x 14" - Item 729

Item # 733 Windwhistle Sweet Moscato Assortment $39.95
This new gift is available with a duet of sweet wines: Windwhistle moscato has sweet peach and melon flavors and a creamy finish; red moscato is brimming with juicy cherry and raspberry flavors. An assortment of sweet and savory fare including oatmeal raisin & white chocolate chip cookies, chocolate caramels, King Leo pomegranate puffs, Lille chocolate cookie thins, Mama Mellace's fruit & nut mix and wine stopper accompanies these wines. Gift Size: 9" x 7" x 14" - Item 733

Item # 743 - Kiarna Sparkling Wine Assortment $69.95
Kiarna Vineyards crisp, refreshing sparkling wine has pear and pineapple nuance with a toasty coconut finish. Rosemary olive oil crackers, garlic herb cheese spread and cheese knife, chocolate caramels, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon roasted mixed nuts, Lotus Biscoff cookies, brownie brittle chocolate chip, roasted garlic onion dip mix, sesame crackers, Lily O'Brien's chocolate chip cookies, garlic chive bagel chips and a champagne stopper complete this captivating gift assortment. Gift Size: 16" x 7" x 14" - Item 743

Item # 750 Houdini Napa Valley Selection $185
Houdini Vineyards Napa Valley wines have won over twenty-five wine competition medals. Rutherford cabernet sauvignon is big and fruity with a long, elegant finish. The chardonnay is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of oak. Oakville merlot is robust and full flavored. Complementary items include Lily O'Brien's chocolate chip cookies, rosemary olive oil crackers, Sonoma Jacks garlic herb cheese spread and cheese knife, smoked salmon, chocolate hazelnut wafer cookies, a wine stopper and more. A truly exquisite trio. Gift Size: 17" x 7" x 14" - Item 750

Item # 790 Sterling Vintner's Collection $79.95
Send this glorious wine and cheese basket to friends and family. Filled with 3 fine wines from Sterling Vintner's Collection: juicy zinfandel has caramel and chocolate flavors. Meritage - a smooth blend of cabernet, merlot, petit verdot and malbec, and Sterling's creamy chardonnay with flavors of guava and peach complete this amazing trio. Rosemary crackers, garlic herb cheese spread, caramels, chocolate chip cookies, honey mustard pretzel nuggets, fruit hard candies, chocolate hazelnut wafers and a wine stopper make this basket a great choice for any occasion. Gift Size: 18" x 7" x 14" - Item 790

Item # 844 Veuve Cliquot $125
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne, with apple and caramel aromas followed by rich flavors of citrus and hazelnut, has been heralded since its founding in 1772; it is paired with Godiva milk chocolate truffles, Stonewall Kitchen roasted garlic and onion dip mix, Pierrot French caramel lollipops, Truffettes chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder, gouda cheese crackers, Nonni's rosemary olive oil crackers and Pirouline chocolate hazelnut wafers. The stylish bag will remind them of this unique gift long after the final toast has been made. Gift Size: 12" x 8" x 14" - Item 844

Item # 851 Dom Perignon $295
Dom Perignon has been setting the standard for vintage champagne since 1921. This champagne is made exclusively from pinot noir and chardonnay grapes from the finest growths and vineyards; The first hints of fresh almond and harvest aromas immediately open up into preserved lemon and dried fruits, the whole rounded off by darker smoky and toasted qualities. An assortment of rosemary crackers, garlic herb cheese spread, bagel chips, cookies, cinnamon roasted mixed nuts, a champagne stopper and much more completes this exclusive gift. Gift Size: 16" x 7" x 14" - Item 851



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