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Item # 517 The Connoisser $49.95
Family and friends will welcome the arrival of this enticing gift. Honey mustard pretzels, garlic herb cheese spread and cheese knife, almond roca, rosemary olive oil crackers, Lily O'Brien's chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate wafers, olives, peanut crunch, vanilla caramels, organic honey candy, cappuccino & chocolate chip cookies, pomegranate puffs, cinnamon roasted mixed nuts, garlic panetini, caramel lollipops and English tea make up this favorite. Gift Size: 18" x 7" x 14" - Item 517

Item # 522 The Classic $74.95
This gift comes loaded with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory toffee chocolate chip cookies, hazelnut wafers, rosemary crackers, smoked salmon, sesame crackers, garlic herb cheese spread, honey mustard dipping sauce and Bavarian style pretzels, English tea, Lily O'Brien's chocolate chip cookies, peanut crunch, Brown & Haley almond roca, kettle corn popcorn, Lille chocolate cookie thins, oatmeal raisin & white chocolate chip cookies, roasted garlic onion dip mix and more. Gift Size: 22" x 11" x 14" - Item 522

Item # 530 The V.I.P $150
A variety of our most sought after delicacies including a large assortment of Godiva chocolate coffee truffles, smoked salmon, vanilla caramels, olives, sesame crackers, jalapeno cheese straws, peanut brittle, sea salt olive oil crackers, almond tea cookies, hazelnut wafers, toffee chocolate chip cookies, salame, English tea, roasted garlic onion dip mix, honey mustard pretzel nuggets, mozzarella cheese swirls, sourdough bites, kettle corn popcorn and so much more create this abundant gourmet assortment. Gift Size: 23" x 19" x 14" - Item 530

Item # 539 Ghirardelli Tower $29.95
This exclusive Ghirardelli gift tower, a consistent Wine Country favorite, is available with free shipping. Milk chocolate with caramel, dark chocolate with caramel, hazelnut crisp and dark chocolate 60% coco squares, dark chocolate covered pretzels, dark chocolate wafers, double chocolate hot cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, white mocha coffee drink mix and a Creamy Devotion milk chocolate bar filled with caramel are hand-packed in six elegant boxes. This gift is a great value, perfect for family and friends. Gift Size: 8" x 4" x 17" - Item 539

Item # 558 Soup's On $29.95
This delicious gift is fun to give and so easy for your recipients to serve and enjoy. Canterbury Naturals hearty chicken noodle artisan soup mix with old-fashioned homemade flavor and plenty of noodles will take the chill out of a cold winter day; Nonni's rosemary olive oil crackers, Stonewall Kitchen roasted garlic and onion dip mix, dried fruit and nuts, English tea and sesame crackers are the perfect complements. Two oversized soup bowls and a bamboo soup spoon complete this carefree assortment that will find a home in any kitchen. Gift Size: 12" x 7" x 10" - Item 558

Item # 605 The Ritz $99.95
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory milk chocolate cashews, toffee chocolate chip cookies and English toffee, gouda biscuits, garlic herb cheese spread and cheese knife, smoked salmon, walnut shortbread cookies, English tea, Godiva, Lindt, Truffettes and Lily O'Brien's truffles, Ghirardelli dark chocolate with caramel, milk chocolate peanuts, Bavarian style pretzels and honey mustard dipping sauce, multi-grain crackers, tea cookies, vanilla caramels, garlic crackers, dried fruit and nuts, peanut brittle, extra dark chocolate hazelnut pralines and more. Gift Size: 22" x 15" x 14" - Item 605



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